Northeastern denial and culture.

Northeasterner’s but especially New Yorkers are often resistant to acknowledge that there are culturally unique aspects to America. The writer of this op-ed piece makes the same point, and relates it to the North’s own reality of segregation. Excerpt and link to entire article below. “Americans have fewer enduring impressions of the North. It simply stands as the nation’s default...

The Biggest Political Challenge in the US: Changing the way campaigns are financed:

This Harvard professor has created a short video explaining how it is that only a very tiny fraction of the American population determines who will be elected. He proposes to follow the strategy of Grover Norquist and get a small number of Congressmen elected who are committed to making a change in policy that will spread out the funding. He does not propose public financing. Click here for video. ...

Aging and the effect of Cartesian Mind-Body dualism.

From the New York Times Magazine: It is noteworthy how the medical field is so dominated by Cartesian Mind-Body Dualism! Overcoming the belief that the mind is separate from the body is a primary task of today’s intellectual class. The experiments highlighted in this article involved putting 75 year olds in an artificial environment replicating the 1950s and 1970s. All participants ended up...

Remarks on Bates Motel (A&E)

Remarks on Bates Motel (A&E) 2nd Golden Age of American television, being continued. Scene from E5 of A&E’s Bates Motel, the prequel to the Hitchcock classic ‘Psycho’. By the third episode, there are multiple and compelling plot lines beginning. In the scene portrayed, Norman and his friend are looking for a suspected Asian sex slave in the hold of a ship owned by a dead man killed by his mother during an...

The Conception of the Causal Connection of My Will to Its Objects: The Effect on the Goodness of the Will

I have been continuing to work on articulating a complex concept in my book project. This is from Chapter Three. The nature of the relation of thought to will is such that whether the form of a paradigm be materialistic or teleological, the resulting paradigm functions as a guide for the will. This form has a moral function, and either limits or enables the will to become morally good. How does this work?...

John Galbraith on American conservatives.

Click here for statement by Galbraith on conservatives My thoughts on Galbraith’s statement: This may sound like a more intense statement than it is. The insight is considered a commonplace by most who study the history of ideas, social philosophy and national ideologies. Remember my claim: American conservatives are not really conservatives in any true sense of the word. They cannot be. It is up...

The error of libertarianism: Rousseau on the natural dominance of the few strong

Rousseau’s thought is one of the primary influences on the Constitution, especially that found in the Social Contract. His thinking was influenced by work he did in Venice in the embassy. He reports that he had a superior who treated him unjustly for years. When he returned to Paris and attempted to have him reprimanded, he got nowhere. This led him to write the following remark in The Confessions: ...

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