Some remarks on why the American activist embraces a nihilistic ideology.

Perhaps the most important reason for the widespread disengagement of most citizens with the deeper moral and spiritual currents of life is that the American has come to be defined solely in terms of external function. This then comes to be reflected in the tendency of so many activists to embrace an ideology which is essentially amoral, and thus nihilistic. Over time, as actions are sanctioned in the...

Some remarks on the confused thinking of libertarians and adherents of Ayn Rand.

Remarks by Terence Hoyt. Laissez-faire proponents, e.g. Ayn Rand followers and libertarians and the Tea Party overall, ignore the distinction entailed in the concept of “basic economic needs”. As with all ideologues, they transform various practical notions into deep moral values. In this case, they fetishize the concept of economic freedom and liberty, transforming freedom from a basic arrangement...

Too Big to Regulate: From the NYTimes Sunday Review

The failure of the federal government to re-regulate the banks since 2007 continues to be the biggest policy failure, I argue. This in turn seems to be due to the fact that a few individuals make too much money from weak government. From the article linked below: “Last week — six years after the onset of the financial crisis, four years after Dodd Frank and two years after the biggest banks...

My remarks on the (temporary) cause of the failure of the American system of government:

Until the writing of the American Constitution, the great end of Western political philosophy was an illusory goal. That end is the bringing together or coincidence of the interest of the “few strong” with “the many”, popularly known as “the rich and powerful” and “the poor” or “the middle class.” This has been so successful that Americans take...

On the growth of the concept of “originalism”. From the NYTimes Book Review.

Excellent discussion of the influence of Scalia on the growth of the idea of originalism, a concept Ed Meese promoted in the 1980s. Main idea: the notion may be in the service of a need for certitude than rigorous jurisprudence. Link below. From the review. By JEFF SHESOL JULY 2, 2014 “More than any individual decision or dissent, the theory of “originalism” is likely to be his lasting...

The fleeting nature of wealth. Quote by Alexis de Toqueville.

From one of the best analysts of American civilization to have ever lived. Opening of PBS’s “American Experience: The Donner Party.” Here’s the quote: “It is odd to watch with what feverish ardor Americans pursue prosperity. Ever tormented by the shadowy suspicion that they may not have chosen the shortest route to get it, they cleave to things of this world as if assured that they...

Conservatives in Academia: Why so Few?

Find the link to the whole discussion below. Excerpts here: “Four conservative traits in particular would, I think, severely discourage a person from pursuing an academic career—independent of any external discrimination. If you are a young man or woman who (1) values the maintenance and passing on of intellectual tradition, (2) plans to marry and have children, (3) wants as much individual...

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