Indiana, religious freedom, and the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling

The most disturbing aspect of the Indiana law allowing companies to function in accord with a particular religious belief is that the law was made possible by the Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case treating corporations as individuals. This is a pernicious and corrosive ruling itself, and it is a strange political philosophy that has led justices to think this way. I gather this philosophy...

The effects of behavioral addiction on brain chemistry.

This is the best short description I’ve seen of effects on brain chemistry from over use of sexual activity. The last ten seconds give the motivation to change the behavior. Click here to be brought to video. Share on Facebook

“It’s Not Always Depression”

Blog post on the NYTimes Opinionator by Hilary Jacobs Hendel. Her key claims regard a distinction between two kinds of feelings: To understand Brian’s type of shame, it helps to know that there are basically two categories of emotions. There are core emotions, like anger, joy and sadness, which when experienced viscerally lead to a sense of relief and clarity (even if they are initially unpleasant). And...

“Let’s ambitiously and publicly philosophize — as the conservatives do — and think about what shape a sensible political economy might take.”

From Mark Bittman in the New York Times, asking “What Is the Purpose of Society?” Excerpts: “It’s clear to most everyone, regardless of politics, that the big issues — labor, race, food, immigration, education and so on — must be “fixed,” and that fixing any one of these will help with the others. But this kind of change must begin with an agreement about principles,...

Snow: Nature and Grace

For me the snow is so beautiful. It feels like a living symbol of grace coming into the here and now. Like grace, when I touch it, it melts into me and changes me. Like grace, it changes my perception of the World. It’s whiteness is a symbol of purity, covering everything in a New Light. Like grace, the snow gives me a glimpse of a world separated from the merely mundane. It conceals the fallenness...

Can Capitalism Save Itself? How Excessive Concentration of Wealth in a Laissez-faire Regime leads to the Collapse of the System

The primary basis of my criticism of GOP economic policy is not so much that it is unjust, as it cannot work. The reason is not complicated, and was learned during the Great Depression. When too “few” have “too much”, the “many” cannot purchase enough to keep the system running at capacity. This is also the reason all the economic indicators tend to improve under...

Freedom and equality are not enough: Remarks on the attack on Charlie Hebdo in France.

The intellectual class in the West needs to be educated on its own moral and spiritual philosophy. Three centuries of commercialism have undermined our ability and courage to do so. We need to learn how to talk about the Idea of the Good in public. We need to gain clarity that freedom and equality alone do not constitute a society. Or at least its intellectuals better understand the difference between the...

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