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A Brief Education on the Source and Nature of the Crisis in American Politics

Many of us sense that there is something very wrong with the policy ideas the GOP has been pursuing. To understand this, we need to look at the explicit philosophy that has been motivating activists on the American right since the 1980s. In this brief essay, I seek to explain the source and origin of the deep philosophic confusion in the GOP today. There are two strands to the ideology held by many...

Towards a Second Order Moral Value Recasting the American Political Project.

Since the ethical and political disaster of electing Trump, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to move to the next iteration of the political Enlightenment, which is dying rapidly. (Conservatives and liberals are both quite lost in this regard. Anarchists are worse off: delusional.) The primary need of this new paradigm will to be the jettisoning of the assumption that society can function well...

Goldman Sachs asks a fundamental question about capitalism today.

The secular left is not effective at criticizing capitalism. For the same reason that the so-called “conservatives” and Libertarians are at defending it: Both sides make moral arguments that miss the point – e.g. neither show understanding of the express purpose of the American political system. There are two justifications for capitalism as a system. The Good American Citizen is...

On radicalism in the Democratic and Republican Parties.

I have not yet met a secular liberal, and very few religious liberals, who have shown they grasp a) that the pursuit of a deep moral relativism after 1973 and b) the turn away from the common-sense focus of the Democratic Party prior to 1973 (when the McGovernites took over the party) has delivered the country directly into the hands of radicals on the right over the last 45 years. Second topic that has...

Part I: A Retrospective Interpretation of the American System: Justice as Maximizing Utility for “All Men” Bounded by Kantian Ethical Restraints

A Retrospective Interpretation of the American System: Part I Assumption One: The purpose of a just political system in the Western world is not to realize deep oral values. It is to maximize economic utility and political stability with Kantian ethical restraints. Corollary One: The paradox. Activists are usually motivated by a desire to realize a deep moral value. All political movements that seek...

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