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Stephen Colbert: integrity, humor and care for the common good.

It was a great pleasure to discover this interview of Stephen Colbert on an obscure Catholic interview talk show and find a truly profound discussion. It needs listening to twice. Colbert shows nuance and sophistication towards the most important question any public figure must reflect on who seeks to impact this American society for the better: How to convey truths of life in a society like ours, which...

From David Brooks: Building Spiritual Capital.

My own remarks, with link to opinion piece below. One of the more harmful effects of the tremendous success of the American paradigm is that even those citizens who define themselves as spiritual or religious but strong walls around their expression of this sensibility when in a public forum. The problem with this is that if it is true that Christianity in particular is at core relational, it cannot be...

From the NYReview of Books: “Who is the Pope?”

From the article: “The pope’s tally of curial sins also included cliquishness, acquisitiveness, careerism, competitiveness, and indifference to others; the “existential schizophrenia” and “progressive spiritual emptiness” of many who abandon pastoral service and “restrict themselves to bureaucratic matters”; the “theatrical severity and sterile pessimism,” the “funereal face”...

Snow: Nature and Grace

For me the snow is so beautiful. It feels like a living symbol of grace coming into the here and now. Like grace, when I touch it, it melts into me and changes me. Like grace, it changes my perception of the World. It’s whiteness is a symbol of purity, covering everything in a New Light. Like grace, the snow gives me a glimpse of a world separated from the merely mundane. It conceals the fallenness...

“The Most Significant Spiritual Phenomenon in the English Speaking World”: 12 Step Spirituality Explained

Richard Rohr does a great job at explaining in clear language the spirituality of the 12 steps in this presentation. Click here to be brought to video.

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