How the American Far Right Wins: by appealing to resentment.


It’s important for the public to know that the American far right has been deliberately whipping up resentment since Nixon. Below is an excerpt from the linked article in the New York Review of Books. Kevin Phillips was a well known conservative figure in the 1980s. Note the nasty goals spelled out for the GOP in this book ghostwritten for Goldwater, who famously claimed that extremism in politics is a good thing:

“The Southern Strategy had been elaborated during Nixon’s campaign by Kevin Phillips, a lawyer in John Mitchell’s firm. The plan did not rely merely on Southern racism, but on a deep conviction that, as Phillips put it in a 1968 interview, all politics comes down to “who hates who.” In that interview, Phillips laid out an elaborate taxonomy of hostilities to be orchestrated by Republicans—another predictor of the Tea Party. Dionne argues, with ample illustration decade by decade, that this right-wing populism would remain a Republican orthodoxy, latent or salient, throughout the time he covers.”

Click here to be brought to the article. No subscription needed for this one.

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