Towards a Second Order Moral Value Recasting the American Political Project.


Since the ethical and political disaster of electing Trump, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to move to the next iteration of the political Enlightenment, which is dying rapidly. (Conservatives and liberals are both quite lost in this regard. Anarchists are worse off: delusional.)

The primary need of this new paradigm will to be the jettisoning of the assumption that society can function well on the basis of self-interest alone. This will mean we will need to make explicit the source and nature of ethical care. We will no longer be able to rely on smuggled-in set of Christian ethical values – as per John Locke. The new value system does not have to be based on explicilty Christian values, but I hold that they will have to include

Christian values and in particular the value of caring for others and not merely myself.

Spread the news through education:

“Holding second order moral values is the sign of the presence of civil society. Without holding second order values, there is no moral society, only coincidentally good public policy based on the luck of having this or that good man in power. .

The most important second order moral value we must demand our politicians show allegiance to: “One must care about ethical care and doing the right thing.”

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