The Purpose of this Site.

Thinker, by Rodin
The Thinker, by Rodin

The purpose of this site is to shed light on the ideas which have a significant impact on the way we live. I have in mind both political as well as religious and spiritual ideas. In regards to politics, this site operates from the position that particular ideas more strongly influence policy than do others. Whether they are ideas that lead to good government is another question. The United States is today experiencing the consequences of what Eric Voegelin calls “disordered philosophy.” One aim I have is to shed light on the nature of the “disorder” affecting many American political activists today, especially on the right. Sane and sober political leadership is dependent on a good intellectual foundation, but today we lack this. To adequately understand our current situation requires that we understand where the breakdown in clear thinking has come from, across the political spectrum.

The static pages on this site are dedicated to discussing the philosophy informing policy making, spirituality and American culture. As concerns politics, policy proposals that are divergent from the proper ends of good government are special targets for consideration. In regards to culture, I am particularly interested in the “turn” of a sort Germans call a “Kehre” since the 1960s. This turn is towards a deepening spiritual and psychological consciousness, and was a significant inspiration of Vatican II. On the blog portion of the site, the home page, I discuss political, social and economic issues, as well as psychological and spiritual ones. There will be an emphasis on shedding light on the judgments informing the stances of various parties involved in political or cultural conflict. Influenced by Alasdair Macintyre, the Catholic moral philosopher, I will be particularly concerned to explore the lineage of the moral judgments informing political stance taking that is informed by bad philosophy. A great deal of activism today on the American right today is confused about the proper ends of good government, and it is a goal of this site to respond to this confusion and shed light on it so that we can return to sane policy making.

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