Remarks on the extremes in American politics today.

There is tremendous pressure in American civilization today coming from two forces: a philosophy that claims that “big government” is bad, and with it anything associated with a pro government philosophy we lived under from 1933 until 1980. The other force is religious fanaticism, which began to grow deeper roots in the US for the first time in its history between November 9 1989 and September...

On the Opaque Structure of the Federal Reserve Bank

This short NYTimes Magazine article is one of the best explanations of the purpose behind the diffused structure of the Federal Reserve that I’ve seen. Note the reference to the “hubris” of Alan Greenspan, who this writer claims went against the tradition of the Fed by making himself a focus of attention. Here are some key excerpts: “Journalists try to personify the Fed by talking...

On radicalism in the Democratic and Republican Parties.

I have not yet met a secular liberal, and very few religious liberals, who have shown they grasp a) that the pursuit of a deep moral relativism after 1973 and b) the turn away from the common-sense focus of the Democratic Party prior to 1973 (when the McGovernites took over the party) has delivered the country directly into the hands of radicals on the right over the last 45 years. Second topic that has...

The efficacy of group therapy vs. individual.

Research shows that group therapy is more effective than individual when addition is involved. Good article in the Times Opinionator on the topic. Click here for entire article. ...

Carl Jung on psychological transference.

This is one of the best articulations of transference I’ve seen. The key word is “fascination”, and this should be interpreted to mean any person or aspect of life to which we assign great significance, both positive and negative. “…. Unless we prefer to be made fools of by our illusions, we shall, by carefully analyzing every fascination, extract from it a portion of our...

From David Brooks: Building Spiritual Capital.

My own remarks, with link to opinion piece below. One of the more harmful effects of the tremendous success of the American paradigm is that even those citizens who define themselves as spiritual or religious but strong walls around their expression of this sensibility when in a public forum. The problem with this is that if it is true that Christianity in particular is at core relational, it cannot be...

Part I: A Retrospective Interpretation of the American System: Justice as Maximizing Utility for “All Men” Bounded by Kantian Ethical Restraints

A Retrospective Interpretation of the American System: Part I Assumption One: The purpose of a just political system in the Western world is not to realize deep oral values. It is to maximize economic utility and political stability with Kantian ethical restraints. Corollary One: The paradox. Activists are usually motivated by a desire to realize a deep moral value. All political movements that seek...

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