Stephen Colbert: integrity, humor and care for the common good.

It was a great pleasure to discover this interview of Stephen Colbert on an obscure Catholic interview talk show and find a truly profound discussion. It needs listening to twice. Colbert shows nuance and sophistication towards the most important question any public figure must reflect on who seeks to impact this American society for the better: How to convey truths of life in a society like ours, which...

Remarks on the extremes in American politics today.

There is tremendous pressure in American civilization today coming from two forces: a philosophy that claims that “big government” is bad, and with it anything associated with a pro government philosophy we lived under from 1933 until 1980. The other force is religious fanaticism, which began to grow deeper roots in the US for the first time in its history between November 9 1989 and September...

On the Road in the North American Interior, by Karl von Knausgaard

Wonderful article written by a Norwegian novelist driving through the heartland of America, in multiple installments in the New York Times Magazine. Click here for first installment. Click here for second installment. Click here for comments by Part...

Indiana, religious freedom, and the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling

The most disturbing aspect of the Indiana law allowing companies to function in accord with a particular religious belief is that the law was made possible by the Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case treating corporations as individuals. This is a pernicious and corrosive ruling itself, and it is a strange political philosophy that has led justices to think this way. I gather this philosophy...

Freedom and equality are not enough: Remarks on the attack on Charlie Hebdo in France.

The intellectual class in the West needs to be educated on its own moral and spiritual philosophy. Three centuries of commercialism have undermined our ability and courage to do so. We need to learn how to talk about the Idea of the Good in public. We need to gain clarity that freedom and equality alone do not constitute a society. Or at least its intellectuals better understand the difference between the...

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