A Brief Education on the Source and Nature of the Crisis in American Politics

Many of us sense that there is something very wrong with the policy ideas the GOP has been pursuing. To understand this, we need to look at the explicit philosophy that has been motivating activists on the American right since the 1980s. In this brief essay, I seek to explain the source and origin of the deep philosophic confusion in the GOP today. There are two strands to the ideology held by many...

How the American Far Right Wins: by appealing to resentment.

It’s important for the public to know that the American far right has been deliberately whipping up resentment since Nixon. Below is an excerpt from the linked article in the New York Review of Books. Kevin Phillips was a well known conservative figure in the 1980s. Note the nasty goals spelled out for the GOP in this book ghostwritten for Goldwater, who famously claimed that extremism in politics is...

Remarks on the extremes in American politics today.

There is tremendous pressure in American civilization today coming from two forces: a philosophy that claims that “big government” is bad, and with it anything associated with a pro government philosophy we lived under from 1933 until 1980. The other force is religious fanaticism, which began to grow deeper roots in the US for the first time in its history between November 9 1989 and September...

On radicalism in the Democratic and Republican Parties.

I have not yet met a secular liberal, and very few religious liberals, who have shown they grasp a) that the pursuit of a deep moral relativism after 1973 and b) the turn away from the common-sense focus of the Democratic Party prior to 1973 (when the McGovernites took over the party) has delivered the country directly into the hands of radicals on the right over the last 45 years. Second topic that has...

On the supposed reasons for the breakup of the Democratic Party.

The New York Times Magazine cover article for May 17th regards the breakup of the Democratic Party. Link below with my remarks here. To me there is an obvious route for the Democratic Party to gain voters. 1) Leaders need to first admit and then understand that the turn towards identity politics in the 1970s was a turn away from basic economic justice and well being that must be the core focus of any...

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