The efficacy of group therapy vs. individual.

Research shows that group therapy is more effective than individual when addition is involved. Good article in the Times Opinionator on the topic. Click here for entire article. ...

Carl Jung on psychological transference.

This is one of the best articulations of transference I’ve seen. The key word is “fascination”, and this should be interpreted to mean any person or aspect of life to which we assign great significance, both positive and negative. “…. Unless we prefer to be made fools of by our illusions, we shall, by carefully analyzing every fascination, extract from it a portion of our...

Heidegger on Why Presence Matters

Heidegger had a tremendous impact on me in my early 30’s, in helping me see how to begin to be in the here and now. He is probably the single biggest influence in Western culture and psychology in the last 50 years ‘behind the scenes.’ Click here for the article, from the New York Times Stone, by Lawrence Berger. ...

From the NYTimes Magazine: A New Approach to Healing PTSD: connecting body and mind.

Good discussion of a non traditional way of treating PTSD. The use of role playing and helping people connect their consciousness to their bodies is significant in Mankind Project. Once one understands what few in the field do – that Descartes dualism, and possibly even Manichaeism/Gnosticism strongly incline Western and American mental health professionals to assume that the body has no relation to...

From the opening of Siddhartha: where is God?

On the question: Where is God? In which case “where” should not be interpreted spatially, e.g. God is in heaven. My remarks: If philosophy is at its best when it asks the right questions, I have been reflecting on this particular question for a few years now. The following is found at the beginning of Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse. Replace “Atman” with “God” in our culture. “And where was...

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