On the Opaque Structure of the Federal Reserve Bank

This short NYTimes Magazine article is one of the best explanations of the purpose behind the diffused structure of the Federal Reserve that I’ve seen. Note the reference to the “hubris” of Alan Greenspan, who this writer claims went against the tradition of the Fed by making himself a focus of attention. Here are some key excerpts: “Journalists try to personify the Fed by talking...

Wanting “more” and not knowing why.

This article in the NYTimes offers a question which can help us determine the quality of your living. I’ve bolded the key idea below, and linked the entire article as well: “A lot of people want to be successful in what they do — it’s a perfectly noble aspiration,” he said. “If you live in a society where success is measured mainly in money, that means you want more money.” Dr. Dammann...

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