From the NYTimes, regarding the Trans Pacific Trade pact: “Free Trade is Not the Enemy”

I want to be open to the possibility that the Trans Pacific trade pact may be better than not having it. This is the second argument that makes claims that, if true, are important. Here’s the claim: “But if the TPP passes, the poorer countries in the pact will have to conform more to the standards of the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada and South Korea — all signatories to the...

On the supposed reasons for the breakup of the Democratic Party.

The New York Times Magazine cover article for May 17th regards the breakup of the Democratic Party. Link below with my remarks here. To me there is an obvious route for the Democratic Party to gain voters. 1) Leaders need to first admit and then understand that the turn towards identity politics in the 1970s was a turn away from basic economic justice and well being that must be the core focus of any...

“Let’s ambitiously and publicly philosophize — as the conservatives do — and think about what shape a sensible political economy might take.”

From Mark Bittman in the New York Times, asking “What Is the Purpose of Society?” Excerpts: “It’s clear to most everyone, regardless of politics, that the big issues — labor, race, food, immigration, education and so on — must be “fixed,” and that fixing any one of these will help with the others. But this kind of change must begin with an agreement about principles,...

Can Capitalism Save Itself? How Excessive Concentration of Wealth in a Laissez-faire Regime leads to the Collapse of the System

The primary basis of my criticism of GOP economic policy is not so much that it is unjust, as it cannot work. The reason is not complicated, and was learned during the Great Depression. When too “few” have “too much”, the “many” cannot purchase enough to keep the system running at capacity. This is also the reason all the economic indicators tend to improve under...

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