The effects of behavioral addiction on brain chemistry.

This is the best short description I’ve seen of effects on brain chemistry from over use of sexual activity. The last ten seconds give the motivation to change the behavior. Click here to be brought to video.

“It’s Not Always Depression”

Blog post on the NYTimes Opinionator by Hilary Jacobs Hendel. Her key claims regard a distinction between two kinds of feelings: To understand Brian’s type of shame, it helps to know that there are basically two categories of emotions. There are core emotions, like anger, joy and sadness, which when experienced viscerally lead to a sense of relief and clarity (even if they are initially unpleasant). And...

From the NYTimes Magazine: A New Approach to Healing PTSD: connecting body and mind.

Good discussion of a non traditional way of treating PTSD. The use of role playing and helping people connect their consciousness to their bodies is significant in Mankind Project. Once one understands what few in the field do – that Descartes dualism, and possibly even Manichaeism/Gnosticism strongly incline Western and American mental health professionals to assume that the body has no relation to...

From Rolling Stone Magazine: Are those in positions of power and statue prone to personality and/or addictive disorders?

This is something I have been thinking about for a while now, and have formed a tentative prediction: Within 25 years American society will have a new awareness about the types of individuals who are in positions of power, status and wealth. The insight will be that the majority of individuals attracted to such positions have a personality and/or addictive disorder. In particular, the pursuit and...

From the New Yorker: “A Lifetime of Restless Isolation Explained”

By Tim Page. The writer discovered later in life that he had Aspergers syndrome, and writes about his experiences here. Click here for entire article.

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