The Case Against For Profit Prisons

From America Magazine, the Jesuit journal in the U.S. In early 2012 the Corrections Corporation of America, the largest private prison operator in the United States, sent a letter to officials in 48 states announcing its $250-million business plan to purchase and manage local, state and federal prisons. Of course, there are strings attached. The minimum contract term is 20 years; facilities must have at...

My remarks on Ryan’s choice as VP.

Democrats shouldn’t be overly confident about the notion that Ryan will turn voters off. Two reasons: First: Ryan and the Republican Party have a philosophy behind them – albeit what political philosophers call “disordered philosophy.” For complex reasons relating to the influence of Puritanism on the American mind, a very high percentage of American voters are highly susceptible to...

From the New York Review of Books: Getting Away with It.

From June 2012. Excerpt from article: So where does the embittered politics come from? Edsall himself supplies much of the answer. Namely, what he portrays is a Republican Party that has been radicalized not by a struggle over resources—tax rates on the wealthy are lower than they have been in generations—but by fear of losing its political grip as the nation changes. The most striking part of The Age...

Wall Street: Still not re-regulated.

“Dimon’s Déjà Vu Debacle Sometimes it’s hard to explain why we need strong financial regulation — especially in an era saturated with pro-business, pro-market propaganda. So we should always be grateful when someone makes the case for regulation more compelling and easier to understand. And this week, that means offering a special shout-out to two men: Jamie Dimon and Mitt Romney. Here’s...

The Dance Must go On.

Who among us understand how fragile a well-functioning political-economic system is? We may compare it to a large dance on a floor which is held up only by the moving spaces created by the continued dancing. The threat to this dance is that a perception develops in a few of the dancers that the floor may not hold up, after all. The dance (economic investment, e.g. home buying and business start-ups)...

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