The purpose of economic freedom in American capitalism.

The fact that the American political system; the Constitution, gives great protection to property ownership, e.g. capital, does not mean that earning and possessing capital or wealth is the purpose of that system. Many in our intellectual class on the right and many who are good at earning money seem to make a basic confusion concerning something that it at once simple but subtle. I am speaking of the...

Rupert Murdoch, Fox News, conservatives and the breakdown of the “paradigm of self-interest”

How is it that American conservatives can support Fox News, when it is clear that Rubert Murdoch does not care about the common good, and in fact has no higher moral value than getting larger audiences for his media outlets in order to increase his influence and wealth? How is it that whole movements (e.g. libertarians and Austrian School adherents) can claim they care about the well being of the United...

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